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Fast 'n' FunHorrible GuildMyths & FairytalesSimilo

Similo: Mythen

What does Heracles have to do with Jason or Achilles? Are they all boys, or are there other similarities? And why does he have...
AnimalsFast 'n' FunHorrible GuildNewSimilo

Similo: Tiere

What does a mouse have to do with a wolf or a cat? Are they all mammals, or are there other similarities? And why...
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Horrible Guild is an Italian board game publisher known as Horrible Games until the end of 2019, founded in 2014 by Lorenzo Silva. Horrible Guild’s goal is to design and produce cool and innovative games that stand out from the crowd! In 2020, THE KINGS DILEMMA was nominated by the SPIEL DES JAHRES jury.


Wilde Tiere

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Wilde Tiere