SPICY – Development Insights

Our bluffing game Spicy stands out not least because of its simple rules. Our HeidelBÄR Games´ game developer Roland describes the process behind this seemingly simple concept.

Interview with Zoltán Győri

You want to know what it is like to be both a game designer and a game journalist? The designer of our newly awarded card game Spicy answers these and more questions in an interview.

INTERVIEW: Future Pastimes with Bill, Peter, Greg & 2 x Jack

Future Pastimes is a team of American board game designers best known for the board game classics Cosmic Encounter® and Dune (winner of 2020 ORIGINS AWARD for most thematic game). Peter Olotka, Bill Eberle and Jack Kittredge, were the principal designers of Cosmic Encounter. They formed a partnership called Future Pastimes to pursue designing games.