23. August 2018, News

World of VOLT: Rome & Mercury

Welcome to Rome, home of the gladiators! I see all of you fans have arrived in droves to witness today’s live match and the experienced Aquadrom visitors in the front row came prepared with rain gear! Short circuits and floods are the program here, folks! The all-time record so far has been water spouts making

17. August 2018, News

TAGS Rules Online

TAGS finally hit shelfs in the US, so it’s about time to put the rules online!

10. August 2018, News

World of VOLT: Twin Cities & The Hound

Welcome to the Twin Cities, the birthplace of the Robot Fighting League! Here in the “Rust Bowl” once resourceful inventors stripped old cars, motorcycles and even radios to build themselves fighting robots. Their first unauthorized fights tore open the asphalt and even set some cars of the old scrap yard on fire. High time for

22. May 2018, News

Beary Twitter

It’s a well-known fact that bears can climb trees. But did you know that they often chirp from the branches as well? – it’s a rather interesting phenomenon. Look forward to our own chirps in beary tweets! #heidelbaer

11. May 2018, News

Tokyo Gaming without limits

It was the first time for us to attend Tokyo Game Market, and it was an experience like no other in the board game industry. If you do not know Tokyo Game Market, Wikipedia might help. It is a 2-day event in Tokyo with a strong focus on independent game designers. We learned a lot,