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Animal Inc. Character Quiz

Do you already know the Animal Inc. employees from our game Animal Poker? No? Then it’s about time! We have uploaded the “confidential” personnel...

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TAGS Announce­ment

TAGS is an accessible and fast-paced guessing game for everyone,...

Hello World!

We proudly present: HeidelBÄR Games! We want to be honest—our...
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Want to play with your English speaking friends? These games are all in English language available. You can get them in our onlineshop ! But don’t forget to check your friendly local flagship FLGS store near you, too! You are also welcome to redirect your FLGS to our global distribution partners, you can find on this website too.

The legendary firebird


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Fish & Katz

Designer Benjamin Leung’s game with a playing time of 20 minutes is full of charm and fun altogether: Fish & Katz delivers a fast...
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Tails on Fire

Tails on Fire is an interactive card game in which the ever-changing selection of the best three playing cards for a round leads to...
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Hungry Monkey

Hungry Monkey is a card game where the goal is to get rid of your hand cards and collect beans. You have animal cards both...

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Welcome to Animal Inc.! Join us and make your career dream come true. Get the position you deserve, based on your performance. Beware of your superiors who reap...
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