Do you have a game that you would like to pitch us?

If you have a prototype that you want to present to us, you can do so in person at this events in Germany: SPIEL in Essen, Spielwarenmesse Nüremberg and Game Designers Meeting in Göttingen. Please make an appointment in advance: You can also send us your game idea to the same email address:

Are you organizing a Game Event?

Looking for game support? Our BEAR supporters gladly try to come to game events to present and demo our games. Do you want the real BEAR? For larger events, with many families, our HeidelBÄR can be booked. Are you looking for demo games for your event? Our supporters bring the games with them. In all

Any Rules Questions?

If you have any rule questions concerning one of the games on our home­page, please write to us at the following e-mail address:

I Want to Buy a Game!

HeidelBÄR Games is a developement studio only. HeidelBÄR Games games are distributed by Asmodee North America.