4 Siblings 1 carousel!

8+ and up
2-4 players
30 min.





Designer: António Sousa Lara
Illustrator: Nuno Alexandre Vieira
Published: 2019
Game contents: 1 Rulebook, 4 Ticket Booths, 1 Base board, 1 Round board, 1 Shaft for the boards, 1 Totem + 1 Totem Roof, 1 Phase marker, 56 Animal tiles, 37 Client standees, 37 Plastic bases, 48 Slot cards, 14 Objective cards, 37 Client Cards



Four siblings inherited an old carousel together. They agreed that the one of them who attracted the most customers should inherit the carousel as a whole!


Carrossel is a fast paced competitive family game where you choose cards and place animal tiles on the board at the same time. The big goal is to inherit the whole carousel. Who can do this first?

In the game, you all select cards at the same time and place animal tokens on the game board.
The goal is to form complete rows of 3 animals, so that customers can ride along. The more customers you attract, the more Victory Points (VP) you earn at the end of the game.
The winner becomes the sole owner of this wonderful carousel!

This game is multlingual and contains the following languages: English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Which of you will inherit the carousel first?





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