• Ingenious card game with shifting alliances
• Based on the Russian classic “Durak”
• 3-5 players, 20 minutes, 10 years and up


The Legendary Firebird

Well, my friend, so be it. If you want to catch the blazing Firebird for its magical feathers, I will not hold you back. But remember, these woods are full of dark secrets and people say that this bird may bring both fortune and misery. Be careful or no one will ever find you in the vastness of the forest. Farewell then, and may you come back to tell your story …

What is Blaze?

Blaze is based on the classic, world-known card game originating from Russia called Durak. In Blaze, the players try to get rid of their cards, but have to achieve this in an extremely clever and unusual way. The player whose turn it is plays together with the second next player, which leads to constantly changing alliances. In the end, the player who collects the most feathers wins.

How to play Blaze?

Challenge the next player by playing cards of the same number. –> By playing higher cards, they can reject your cards.

Extend the challenge together with your supporter by playing more cards of any number which are now in play. –> If this succeeds, the challenged player must take all played cards into his hand; otherwise, all played cards are removed from the game.

Once the draw pile is empty, it’s all game on: who can get rid of their hand cards first?

Special metallic print

Blaze is in series with Spicy, our card game recommended by Game of the Year 2020, and the follow-up titles Coyote and Anansi. Game box and card backs are decorated with a special metallic print: While the box is in green metallic, the card backs shimmer in all the colors of the rainbow, just like the firebird. 

Blaze also stays true to the card game series’ idea of culturally anchoring theme and illustration, with Russian artist Nadezhda Mikryukova drawing both the legendary firebirds and the decorative frames in a classic illustration style.
Who can gain a blazing feather of the legendary firebird?

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Related News for Blaze

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HeidelBÄR Games


Nadezhda Mikryukova



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Autumn 2021


Fast'n'Fun, Radiant Culture Series




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